villa la foce wedding
Chanelle & Daniel
May 2019

Villa La Foce wedding

This Villa La Foce wedding showcases what is no doubt one of our favourite wedding venues in Tuscany. The views are magical; the scenery is mesmerising and conveys all of the emotions and feelings you would expect from one of the most famous landscapes in Tuscany.

Today, is day two of our celebration, after yesterdays hugely enjoyable barbecue welcome dinner we are now getting ready for our Villa La Foce wedding day.

villa la foce wedding

Villa La Foce Wedding - Garden wedding in Tuscany

Villa La Foce has some of the finest gardens in Italy. Lush hedging creates striking geometric patterns and flowers, lemon trees and flowers punctuate the greenery with dashes of colour.

Tiered levels make the park even more impressive; only by walking around it can you discover all the hidden treasures. There are many angles and terraces the provide unique vistas overlooking the Val d'Orcia.

The photographer (Jules Bower - my husband), starts the day capturing some lovely images of the accessories and bouquets. He also sets the scene by documenting the impressive villa and gardens.

villa la foce wedding

The groom and best men are preparing in the piano room and are all very elegantly dressed in black tie.

Meanwhile, the bride is on the first floor preparing with her bridesmaids.

Romantic Ceremony in the Italian Gardens

For a destination wedding photographer, La Foce offers a dream come true. My husband always raves about the Val D'Orcia and all the beautiful locations it offers for wedding photography.

The wedding ceremony is in the lower garden, the arrival of the bride to the ceremony is always an extraordinary moment in this venue. As she appears at the edge of the upper terrace and looks down on the ceremony area and her groom, it is always a breathtaking moment.

The brides' entrance is magical, and all the guests are joyful to be present and sharing in this experience. This really is a one of a kind setting for a wedding in Italy.

At the end of the ceremony we have the petal throwing and then some family photos. The weather is a little overcast, but it makes no difference as the beauty of La Foce is incredible. Whether there are clouds or sunshine, the gardens are just a spectacular setting for your special day.

La Foce Italy Wedding Reception

Dinner takes place in a beautiful "H" shaped marquee that has been built on the gravel to one side of the villa. This is the only area of the villa where it is possible to have a dinner reception, and the marquee is an essential addition in case of rain.

villa la foce wedding

The dinner is a real Tuscan feast: copious amounts of pasta, wine, meats and more make for an incredible evening. Everyone enjoys some of Italy's finest food and wines whilst dining under the Tuscan stars.

After the last speech, we all move to the "limonaia" (where they store the lemon trees in winter) and the paved area in front of the swimming pool. Here we will have the cake cutting. As they cut the cake and open a giant bottle of champagne, the guests all have sparklers and enjoy the cocktails that are being mixed inside at the American bar.

They share a short first dance, and then the evening transforms into a high energy party that continues on into the night. A great party is the best way to end your Villa La Foce wedding!

villa la foce wedding

La Foce Wedding Costs

As one of the finest venues in not only Italy and Europe La Foce deserves to cost a lot more than what it does. It is by no means a cheap venue but considering where you are, and the beauty of the area La Foce is actually quite affordable compared to other locations.

If you think a wedding in Tuscany at La Foce could be the perfect solution for your special day, then get in touch. We will guide you through the costs of a wedding there based on the number of guests you intend to invite and all the other options for a perfect Italian wedding.

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Photos by Jules Bower

The Team
Videographer:  Marco Abba
Celebrant:  Blessings from Italy
Hair and Makeup:  Daniela Delia
Rentals:  Preludio Noleggio
Catering:  Preludio Catering
Flowers & Decor:  Stiatti Fiori
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