Top Italian Wedding Planner

Sabrina Carbone is a top Italian wedding planner. Together with her husband Jules Bower, one of Italy's most exclusive wedding photographers, they are the husband and wife team behind The Extraordinaire.

The Extraordinaire is a concierge agency of wedding planners in Italy offering destination weddings on the Amalfi Coast, Venice, Lake Como and Tuscany.

Sabrina - Wedding Planner

Sabrina is an extraordinarily creative and design-oriented person.

Passionate about fashion, style and people, she likes to work with couples that share her excitement for creating something unique.

Rather than producing cookie-cutter weddings, she prefers to listen to your ideas and help you not only realize them but surpass your expectations.

A unique wedding with an original style and theme will always be a more memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

For Sabrina, cultivating a strong relationship with the client is essential as planning weddings internationally relies on good communication.

Her attention to detail and ability to visualize the end result, when combined with her infectious energy make her one of the top Italian wedding planners.

Jules - Wedding Photographer

Jules's obsession with photography and events has led him to develop his unique style and vision.

Being co-owner of a wedding planning company and one of the best Italian wedding photographers means that he has an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge about weddings and events.

As a photographer, he has worked with dozens of wedding planners worldwide at weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties and other celebrations.

He strives to improve his craft as he genuinely believes that the most important part of an event is the photography. This is not an arrogant idea, it simply stems from the fact that you will spend a considerable amount of money on your celebration. And in the end the only thing you will have to show for it are the photos.

The music will stop, and the flowers and decorations will disappear. Eventually, the memories will also fade, but the photos remain forever.

Italian Wedding Planners With A Difference

Planning and coordinating a perfect wedding day or indeed multi-day event requires precision, collaboration and dedication between like-minded professionals.

For each and every event, a team of suppliers is assembled that will deliver the best results for your special occasion. You liaise with your Italian wedding planner, and they manage and direct the services you have chosen for your big day.

You can focus on enjoying your wedding and living the moment with your friends, family, and loved ones, safe knowing that trusted experts are managing all the details.

Your top Italian wedding planner is your point of contact in Italy, they will provide you with advice and knowledge to transform your dreams into a reality.

top italian wedding planner

Friendly, Expert Advice To Guide You Along The Way

Our wedding planners are based locally to your chosen destination. For example, if you are getting married on Lake Como, your wedding planner will be from the area.

The same applies to the Amalfi Coast and Venice. If you choose a wedding in Tuscany, your wedding planner will be Sabrina.

We choose to work this way as a local planner will offer the knowledge, information, and understanding that years of experience working in that location bring.

top italian wedding planner

Designer Wedding Planners in Italy

Each year, The Extraordinaire offers a fully comprehensive wedding planning service to a limited amount of clients guaranteeing a highly personal and detailed wedding planning experience.

As a small agency, you will benefit from developing a personal relationship with your planner.

You will find that transparent communication consisting of clear and detailed responses to your questions will fill you with confidence, putting you at ease.

top italian wedding planner

Crafting Destination Weddings in Italy Since 2003

We like to think of ourselves as tailor-made wedding planners in Italy as we treat every event like a blank canvas.

We welcome exciting and original ideas and hope that you will treat your wedding as an opportunity to create a unique experience that reflects your own personal style and tastes.

No matter what you desire, it is possible! So don't be shy, you can dream about wonderful and exciting ideas for your wedding, and we will help you realise them.

top italian wedding planner
top italian wedding planner

How much does a wedding planner in Italy cost?

The cost of a wedding planner in Italy will vary depending on the event's size and complexity. An average starting cost is approximately €3500 euro. Large multi-day events with elaborate services will see this price rise considerably.

top italian wedding planner

How do we hire a planner for our event?

If you know that you want a wedding planner's help, then please fill in our wedding request form. This will give us all the information we need to be able to reply accurately to you.

Once we have replied to you if you are happy with our initial response, we will offer to schedule a call to listen to your ideas and discuss them openly.

We find talking about weddings is much more efficient than swapping emails!

top italian wedding planner

Elite Italy Wedding Planner

If you already know you want a wedding in Italy, then contact us and find out how we can make your dreams come true!

Are you planning an elopement or micro wedding? For small groups of 2-10 people we also organise elopements.

We have a sister site dedicated to elopements if you are looking to elope in Italy this will be a very useful resource for you.

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top italian wedding planner
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