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Are you looking for the best wedding planner in Tuscany Italy? The Extraordinaire has been planning weddings in Tuscany for almost 20 years.

A unique husband and wife wedding planning team - Sabrina (Italian) plans your destination wedding and Jules (English) is a wedding photographer.

If you are looking for an English wedding planner in Tuscany, we may be able to help! Have a look at our work, and if you like what you see, the next step would be to fill in the wedding form and schedule a call to discuss things in detail.
best wedding planner tuscany

Why get married in Tuscany?

There is so much to love about Tuscany. Of course, as wedding planners in Tuscany, we are biased, but we will try to be objective for a moment:
  1. Everyone loves Italian food. Tuscany has some of the best recipes and delicious local produce.
  2. Fabulous countryside and surroundings that heal the soul.
  3. More cost-effective than the Amalfi Coast or Lake Como.
  4. Plenty of things to do, like sightseeing or activities.
  5. Not overly crowded.
  6. Tuscany is an excellent location for exquisite wedding photos.
best wedding planner tuscany

What to expect if you choose Tuscany for your destination wedding in Italy?

Tuscany is rolling hills, cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves, delicious fresh food and some of the worlds finest wines.

The region is quiet, but not remote. To get to the heart of Tuscany from Rome, it takes about 2.5 hours by car. If you fly into Florence, you are already in Tuscany, and most venues are about 45-60 minutes from Florence city.

There are a few popular places with tourists, namely Florence, Siena and San Gimignano but everywhere else is relatively quiet and unspoilt.
best wedding planner tuscany
There are many ancient medieval villages and towns where you feel like you are being transported back in time. These are well-kept secrets where the pace of life is relaxing and rejuvenating.

You can choose between many different styles of wedding venues. There are four and 5-star hotels and resorts as well as private villas, country houses and castles.

As destination wedding planners in Tuscany, we know all the venues and are familiar with their work and what they offer.

Considering the quality of the accommodation, and that many places are in areas of outstanding natural beauty, we feel that the prices are also reasonable. Many of the venues also have historical importance.
best wedding planner tuscany

How much does a wedding planner in Tuscany cost?

On average a wedding planner in Tuscany will charge between 2000 - 5000 euro. We charge 10% + VAT of your overall budget or a minimum 3500 euro plus VAT. This fee is for full-service wedding planning.
best wedding planner tuscany

How to choose the best wedding planner in Tuscany Italy

To plan a Tuscan wedding in style and enjoy your big day the most you should hire a wedding planner in Tuscany. A top Italian wedding planner will make the process of getting married in Italy stress-free and guarantee you a perfect day. But what should you look for when choosing your wedding planner?

Your wedding planner should be quick to reply, communicate in a clear and friendly manner and be patient! Planning your wedding and events is a long process that takes many hours of hard work and passion!

The best way to choose a wedding planner is to review their work and then ask to meet them online. We are happy to discuss your plans, listen to your ideas and offer you our advice. From there you can decide if we are the best wedding planner in Tuscany for your wedding or not!
best wedding planner tuscany
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Choosing to celebrate your wedding in Tuscany is a brilliant idea and trusting the best wedding planner in Tuscany to arrange everything is the wisest decision you'll ever make!