castello di vicarello wedding
Samantha & Tyler
September 2019

Castello di Vicarello wedding welcome dinner

Tyler and Sam choose to start their destination wedding by hosting a Castello di Vicarello wedding welcome dinner. They want to make the most of their wedding weekend in Italy, so they are celebrating over three days.

The theme for this welcome dinner is ‘Tuscan Chic.’ The venue is a very romantic destination. A magnificent castle wedding venue in Tuscany. The perfect way to spoil their friends and family with culinary delights, exquisite wine, and unforgettable entertainment!

castello di vicarello wedding

It’s early evening in late September, and the temperature is warm. The sky shimmers with a beautiful golden hue. The wild Tuscan scenery and unrivalled views across the forests, olive groves and Tuscan hills are a beautiful setting.

At the end of a winding, slightly beaten path, you’ll find a setting that will truly take your breath away. Welcome to Castello di Vicarello wedding venue, a most intimate venue that is ideal for luxury weddings and events.

Castello di Vicarello wedding rehearsal dinner

Castello di Vicarello captured their hearts with its rustic modern décor and undeniable authenticity. A family-owned wedding venue in Tuscany, Castello di Vicarello is an intimate and welcoming venue in a private and secluded area. The centuries-old olive groves, protect the privacy of the castle.

The heart of the property is a central courtyard and rooftop terrace. Both of which are the perfect spots to enjoy a cocktail and canapés. As the music begins, loved ones from around the world arrive to soak up the sunshine and incredible atmosphere.

castello di vicarello wedding

At the bar, guests are enjoying a selection of local white and red wines, as well as plenty of delectable cocktails. As the guests continue to arrive, their reactions of joy as they greet each other are priceless. Friends and family enjoying each other’s company in a stunning location with perfect weather – it’s a charming atmosphere.

Everyone is having a wonderful time, and the mood at this Castello di Vicarello wedding welcome event is genuinely festive.

castello di vicarello wedding

A lavish feast and fabulous entertainment

As the sun sets and the sky gradually grows darker, the guests move down to the lower lawn space. Here they will enjoy an absolute feast of a barbecue dinner, expertly cooked by Vicarello’s professional staff. 

Meanwhile, the photographer takes the soon-to-be newlyweds for a few portraits in the last rays of sunlight. The golden hour is a magical time to photograph, and with that spectacular Tuscan countryside, it is a photographer’s dream!

There is a short introductory toast before dinner, welcoming everyone to the wedding and Castello di Vicarello. Next, the fun kicks off with a vibrant quartet playing traditional Italian music. The guests can’t resist getting involved, with audience participation and alcohol adding to the entertainment throughout the evening!

castello di vicarello wedding

Tyler and Sam treat their friends and family to a banquet of pasta, grilled meats, and delicious vegetarian options. Everyone comments on the delicious meal, a tasty spread of traditional Tuscan food, and wines.

castello di vicarello wedding

Party on into the night!

They are partying the night away under the deep blue Tuscan skies. A live band plays in the courtyard, which is now a dance floor. The guests continue to sip on cocktails and enjoy the music and dancing.

What an excellent start to their Castello di Vicarello wedding weekend and a glimpse of what’s to come on their big day! Tomorrow they will celebrate their marriage with an incredible wedding at Castello di Banfi.

Castello di Vicarello wedding price and costs

Castello di Vicarello is an exclusive castle retreat in Tuscany with high-quality accommodation and offering many amenities.

A wedding at Castello di Vicarello is not cheap but you will find the price reasonable for the amazing experience and high quality. Our services include creating a wedding budget, so go ahead and contact us and we will help you understand exactly how much a wedding at Castello will cost.

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Photos by Jules Bower

The Team
Videographer:  Gattotigre
Hair and Makeup:  Daniela Delia
Flowers & Decor:  Stiatti Fiori
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