Full Service Wedding Planning in Italy

The Extraordinaire offers bespoke wedding planning in Italy to a limited number of clients each year. Our goal is to make the process of planning a wedding from overseas as easy as possible.

Full-service wedding planning in Italy includes:

Venue Recommendations and Research

The first step in the wedding planning process is to identify your budget and then research a suitable venue or venues for your event and its requirements.
wedding planning in Italy
You probably have an idea of where you would like to get married, how many people you intend to invite, and approximately how much you want to spend on your wedding.

Having sent this information via our wedding form, we make venue recommendations to you. Together, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each location.

At this stage, it is also necessary to define the scope of the events. Do you want a one-day wedding, or are you hoping like many, to have a multi-day celebration!

It is popular in Italy to have a welcome party or rehearsal dinner the first day, the next day the main wedding celebration, and then a farewell brunch, BBQ or pool party the last day.

If you choose a weekend wedding, this translates into a Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Bear in mind that many venues only accept a minimum stay of 3 nights and lots work on a weekly rental period from Saturday to Saturday. Hence it is quite common to have mid-week weddings.
wedding planning in Italy

Creating a Budget

If you like spreadsheets, you will love this part of the process. You will receive detailed spreadsheets for specific venues. These are very accurate and give you cost predictions based on the number of guests at that chosen venue.

Together we run the budget and crunch the numbers to see how the venue's cost affects your overall expenditure. Is your favourite location going to be within budget or not? Are you paying for guests accommodation in full, in part, or are your guests paying for their sleeping arrangements?

The budget includes costs for all the necessary service providers. These are all the people working at your event, like the caterer, florist, lighting, photographer, DJ, wedding planner and so on.

In the cost breakdown, there are mandatory items, optional extras and contingency items. Contingency items cover things like PLAN B options for poor weather, and so on.
wedding planning in Italy

Help in budget determination and breakdown as needed

Not everyone has a clear budget in mind. Our assistance will help you define one and give you clarity of what costs what.

You will receive a budget breakdown that is a minimum cost prediction. The costs we give you are already the best prices for recommended providers that offer a quality service at a highly competitive market price.

We like to work this way as we find it counterproductive to start with the best and most expensive and then produce multiple quotations and budget variations to lower your overall expenditure.

With years of knowledge and experience, we know the best solutions, so we propose them to you from the start.
wedding planning in Italy

Discussion of theme, colour, style and wedding design

With a well defined and allocated budget, it is now time to start working on your events' creative side! You can work with us to design the look and feel of your wedding. Working with mood boards/renderings and other visual references helps to develop and visualise the final idea.

We are passionate about creating original weddings that reflect your personalities, tastes and style. We encourage you to be unique and not just copy someone else's ideas.

Design elements at a wedding include but are not limited to the stationery, wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, menswear, accessories, floral design and decor, lighting, furnishings, chairs, tables, plates, cutlery, crystalware, linens and more. So there are many possibilities to create something original!

Italy is one of the world's leading countries for design and the wedding industry offers you a vast range of items. We assist you in finding and selecting the best things for your theme and style of event.
wedding planning in Italywedding planning in Italy

Accompanied site inspections & visits / virtual assistance

Many clients like to visit Italy before their wedding to either select a venue or visit the one they have already booked. During your visit, you will be accompanied by your wedding planner so you can discuss and plan together.

You can also visit the caterer and enjoy a food and wine tasting to choose your wedding menu. You will also be able to select all the items to create the perfect mise en place.

If you cannot visit, then all of the above can be accomplished using photos, video calls, and more. We can create mock-ups and send them to you for approval.

In the case that you do not make a "wedding planning trip to Italy," you will likely arrive a good few days before your wedding. We can arrange the food tasting and visits to service providers like the caterer, rental company and florist to take place then.
wedding planning in Italy

Vendor Management - Assembling A Team Of Top Wedding Professionals

A wedding requires a team of service providers including:

  • Caterer
  • Rentals
  • Florist / Event Designer
  • Lighting / Electricians
  • Music and Entertainment (Bands, DJ, Ceremony Music or Audio Systems etc.)
  • Photographer/ Videographer

Every service provider will honour their responsibilities with a contract, giving you complete peace of mind. Your wedding planner will manage all of these individuals and companies on your behalf.

By managing all the service providers for you, we guarantee they are working together as a team. In doing so, we will produce an extraordinary event for you in a professional manner whilst working behind the scenes.

Managing service providers includes all the discussions to convey the ideas and help them understand the project. It involves assisting with and managing bookings, reviewing contracts and handling payments.

wedding planning in Italywedding planning in Italy

Assistance in Arranging your chosen marriage ceremony

A wedding requires a wedding ceremony! Having discussed the options, we then assist you in completing the paperwork and making the necessary appointments and bookings.

This could be for a church wedding, civil wedding or a blessing ceremony. We can also assist with Indian and Jewish wedding ceremonies.
wedding planning in Italy

Development of a detailed wedding timeline / schedule

To have an event that flows, does not feel rushed or put you under pressure, it is necessary to create a schedule of events.

Creating a detailed schedule for the vendors and outlining the day's timings with you is critical to your wedding's success.
wedding planning in Italy

On-site coordination & supervision during your events

Once all the wedding planning is done we can all sit back and relax and wait for your wedding date to come around.

In the weeks before the wedding, all service providers receive reminders, reconfirmations and final preparations start.

On the day of your wedding and at any other events, your wedding planner will become an on-site wedding coordinator. Either alone or with assistants (depending on the event's size and complexity), they will oversee and manage all aspects on the day.
wedding planning in Italy

Choosing the right wedding planner

Reading the above will give you a good idea of our approach to destination wedding planning and our work ethic.

  • We want you to feel informed and empowered during the planning of your wedding.
  • It is your event and your money, but we want to help you get the best you can.
  • We listen to your thoughts and requests and give you our feedback based upon our years of experience.
  • We will help you to clarify your ideas and also provide you with plenty of new ones.
  • We will understand what your dream is and help you realise and enhance it through discussion and collaboration.

Now you understand much better what a wedding planner in Italy does. Feel free to get inspired by some real weddings. If you are ready to get started planning your own wedding in Italy then fill in this form, and we can start working together.

wedding planning in Italy
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Bespoke Wedding Planning in Italy

As you can see getting married in Italy is easy if you hire a top Italian wedding planner to take care of all the details. 

With wedding planners based in Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast, Venice, and Tuscany we cover the most popular areas of Italy! 


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