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At The Extraordinaire we don't like a standardized approach to event design, styling and planning, every event should be bespoke and unique, above all it has to be extraordinary.

We work with artists instead of service providers because artists not only create but they also innovate and elevate through their masterpieces. True artists bring that extra factor, extra vision, extra spark to your event. We truly believe the key to an extraordinary event is to work with extraordinary people.

Our visionaries will guide you on a journey so pleasurable, smooth and stress free you will only have to sit back, relax and let you imagination run wild. This will be a bespoke journey into creativity and exclusivity that will ultimately lead to your unbelievable event.

We also believe in great communication and dialogue. In order for us to convert your dreams into our vision you will meet with each individual artist who will add that extra twist of uniqueness to your special party, wedding or corporate event.

Every amazing orchestra needs an exceptional conductor to lead the performance to the end and get that standing ovation, meet our Orchestrator - The Extraordinaire.

How we work


Your Idea

Come to us with your idea and concept for your wedding or event and we will listen to and interpret your dreams.


Our Elaboration

Through discussion and listening to you we will then elaborate and develop your concept in a project.


Our Execution

Once we have established the project our team of experts will execute all aspects of the event flawlessly.